Latest Whatsapp Status in English- For All Moods

whatsapp status

Whatsapp is not only for having fun though chatting with your friends. You can also share your thoughts in your Whatsapp about and let your friends know about your current mood. Apart from setting your Whats app about, you can also post some cool Best Whatsapp Status to express your feelings? Looking for the latest ideas? Here are some!

Latest Whatsapp Status Quotes in English

I am going to list some cool WhatsApp statuses in English can also fit into your Whatsapp about. I have compiled some funny status, emotional status, and best love status here that you can use to share your feelings with your Whatsapp friends. In case you are wondering, yes, you can use these quotes to somewhere else other than Whatsapp as well.

Cool Funny WhatsApp Status Quotes- Latest Hit!

  1. My “last seen at” is just to check out your “last seen at” *Wink*
  3. 404 Status Not Found
  4. About is loading…..
  5. Status is under construction
  6. I’m nothing but egg-cellent!
  7. You’re AWESO-ME only when you’re with ME!
  8. Etc= End of thinking Capacity
  9. Scratch here ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ to reveal my status
  10. None of your business
  11. Please, don’t copy my status
  12. People with brain can make their own Whatsapp status!
  13. Ping up if you are reading my status!
  14. Don’t run, I know you are reading my status
  15. When the sun goes down, you can write your Whatsapp status about me 😉
  16. Write your own damn status!
  17. Without you, I’m just an Empty About
  18. How long are you gonna read me? 😉
  19. Too tired to write a Whatsapp status Zzzz
  20. Do Not Disturb Mode- ON
  21. Mosquitoes are like your family, surely annoying but also carries your blood.

Romantic Whatsapp Statuses

  1. Don’t miss me, just text me 😉
  2. Love is not just a feeling, it also tells bedroom stories!
  3. Do you know how much I love you? Oops, I was just thinking out loud!
  4. Please buy me a bandage, Cuz I cut my knee falling for you.
  5. You look so good. I like Fine-apples!
  6. If you were a fruit, I know, you’d be a Cute-cumber!
  7. Tonight I’d like to fall for you rather than falling asleep.
  8. If you dream of me tonight, I will lie next to you at the end of the night 😉
  9. My mom always tells me to share things with your beloved ones, so I’m thinking to share my bed with you tonight 😉
  10. Can’t tell if it’s love that I always want to do to you.
  11. No matter how far I go, I will always fall for you
  12. Ice cream or chocolate? 😉
  13. When you’re ready, come and get me!
  14. I like your name very much. I want to scream it all night long.

Latest Emotional Whatapp Status 2019

  1. I know it’s not over, but soon I’ll be get used to it
  2. I fear love, It makes you weak and blinds your soul to the very deep
  3. No words can explain the hollow feeling I’m feeling right now
  4. I fear to open up, cuz it just not hurts, it destroys even more.

I know you liked all my Whatsapp statuses, but if you have any suggestion, please tell us in the comment box below!

USPS Tracking Number| How to Track Your Package

Today is the modern world where everything is possible. And talking about tracking your packages? Oh, it’s even easier! Just enter the tracking number of your product and find out what is up to and everything. If you have ordered something from an online store or waiting for a mail to get delivered on your entered address, you can know everything with the Usps Tracking Number.

There are many sites available on the internet that allow you to track your package with the tracking number. You only need to enter the number on the search box and wait for the delivery details to appear. To know how does the tracking ID look like, and how can you track your item, keep scrolling.

What Is A Usps Tracking Number And How Does It Look Like?

usps tracking

A 25 digit USPS tracking number can give you all the information on the status of your delivery and the product details. The unique technique helps the marketers to boost their business by completing the customers’ needs. Even since this latest technology has appeared, customer calling rate to the service providers reduces. There are some different types of tracking number that mentioned in the package-

  1. USPS Tracking 9400 1000
  2. Priority Mail International CP 000 000 US
  3. Priority Mail Express International EC 000 000 US
  4. Certified Mail 9407 3000 0000 0000
  5. Collect on Delivery 9303 3000 0000 00
  6. Priority Mail 9205 5000 0000 0000
  7. Registered Mail 9208 8000 0000 0000
  8. Signature Confirmation 9202 1000 0000 0000

How to Do the Tracking with Usps Tracking Number?


Once you know how does the tracking number look like, you can also track your shipment with the tracking number. But make sure, your shipment comes with the right tracking ID.

You can view your tracking information on the shipment status page-

  • Visit the shipment status page and enter the tracking number correctly
  • Please try to avoid extra dashing and spaces between the 25 digit numbers
  • Then click on the check status option next to the search bar
  • Now, from the new page, you can check your package details and also can view the scan history

In the below section, we have added some frequently asked questions and their answer. Check out to know more about Usps Tracking Number.

Usps Tracking Number- FAQ

What does the  USPS Informed Delivery stand for?

This feature enables the customers to find the digital previews of their package.

What to do if Usps Tracking Number is not working?

In case you are having a problem with the tracking ID of your package, you can contact directly to the USPS customer portal or from where you have got the Usps receipt.

What does ”in transit” stands for?

In transit is a pop-up message that informs you if your package is still on the way, but it may exclude the latest scan of your product.

Ship Your Package Through Right Shipping Company- USPS vs FedEx


Choosing the right shipping company to deliver the package in right shape to your customer is as important as maintaining the quality of your product. Since the right courier company matters for both your customer and you things often become confusing. Talking about the best USPS and FedEx are two name which comes in our mind. But when you have to choose one of them, it becomes more complicated. Anyway, to make things easier for you we are here with our competitive analysis USPS vs FedEx. Have a look it will be easier for you to choose the right one.

USPS vs FedEx

USPS is an agency run by the government of United States of America since the year 1775. The United States Postal Services is one of the most renowned name in the business. Starting from ground, priority, to express USPS offers a full range of cost-effective shipping options to its customers.USPS has flat-rate Priority and Express shipping boxes which can be an asset for you, if you are the small and medium business owner.

Usps status

On the other hand, FedEx is a public company. Operating in the industry from the year 1971 they have the reputation of impressing the customers by their delivery time. Along with that, Federal Express has a tracking system which is more convenient and easy to use. The service from FedEx is much costlier than USPS, but to compete with the flat-rate service of USPS they have One Rate service.

While shipping through USPS seems to be cost-effective for small parcels if you need to ship something heavier FedEx is the better option always.

Moving forward we are going to offer you a comparison table on USPS vs FedEx which will help you to decide the best shipping company for your business.

Best Shipping Company Comparison: USPS vs FedEx




Shipping Choices


2 Day

1 Week


2 Day

3 Day

4 Day

Best For

Mail & parcels up to 70-lbs

Parcels 3-lbs. to 150-lbs.


Best if we talk about overall value

Competitive on larger parcels

Service Options

Ground through express but not all the services are guaranteed

Ground through time-critical overnight, all guaranteed



Free with Priority Mail Express

Free for regularly scheduled pickups

Number of Drop Centers

Address for delivery

PO Box


Address for delivery or the Pickup centers


Free with Priority Mail and First Class deliveries



Up to $100 free for Express Priority if parcel values more then have to pay extra fee

Free for $99 or less, more for a fee

Commercial Discounts

Online & via shipping software

Volume based

Label Printing along with Software Integrations, UPS Software and other integrations

Customer Support

Via Phone and in-person

Phone, email and in person

Official Website


For the small businesses USPS is always a better option because of its economical price and overnight and insured delivery services. But if you need to ship a heavier package it will be better to choose FedEx over USPS.

USPS offers delivery all across the United States at the same postage charge. Using the priority flat rate boxes you can ship your package conveniently to any part of the U.S. However, the drawback of USPS is the tracking service comes with less details than FedEx. Not only that, all the postal services by USPS is not eligible for insurance.



Choosing the right shipping carrier to ship your package can make you feel like a roll of the dice. We have shared all the must-have details which will surely help you to arm yourself in choosing the ‘sweet spots’ of each company. If you require any further details on USPS or FedEx you must put your queries on the comment box below.

USPS Not Updating (Resolved)

The USPS postal service is getting updated day-by-day to serve the customers a better tracking experience. Even though USPS has added new features to its service, it is not impossible for the users to encounter the USPS Not Updating error. When you are unable to see the status of your item, you can quickly seek for customer care assistance. But before calling the customer care, let’s find out what can be the possible reasons for this not updating issue.

Reasons- USPS Not Updating

USPS tracking not working occurs due to many reasons. When you encounter this error, you can assume one of these reasons.

usps tracking status

  • Your Local Carrier Didn’t Scan the Barcode

You will only get all the information related to your package when the carrier decides to scan the barcode comes with the package. When the local carrier scans the barcode, you will get notifications of your package update. If there is an external error, your carrier is unable to scan the barcode and so you are unable to track your product.

  • Due to Bad Weather

Severe weather condition can be a problem that prevents the carrier from delivering the package. Due to a bad weather condition, your item can also get stuck at the intermediary stops and you cannot receive any latest information.

  • Package Not Scanned

While the transition of your package from one place to another, your carrier scans the barcode and those places called intermediary stops. If the carrier does not scan the barcode, you will not get the latest update status of your package. This happens because the tracker doesn’t have any latest information.

  • Delayed from the Carrier

If the carrier delays your delivery due to bad weather or any other external reason, you will have to face the USPS Not Updating error. If your local carrier is unable to send the status of your package, you will have to face the issue. There can be other official reasons such as public holidays which can lead to the error occurrence. Public holidays increases the number of packages. If there are any undelivered packages are waiting at the same time, the service will stop scanning the products to save time. Thus, this leads to the USPS Not Updating error.

usps status

These types of annoyances can disturb the users very easily. But we always suggest you enter the right tracking number for your package. If you enter a wrong USPS tracking number, you will not get the right information. Similarly, wait for 2-3 days for the package to arrive at the address. Then you can call 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777) to talk to one of the customer service agents of USPS to get assistance regarding the same.



6 Reasons Why USPS Tracking Status Not Available For Your Parcel

Confusions, perplexity, frustration, all the bizarre emotions may arise when you find ‘delivery status not updated,’ and that’s too after your parcel already being delayed for delivery. Yeah! Your frustration is entirely justified in this case. But let us tell you in advance, you are not alone in the boat. The USPS Tracking Status Not Available issue is pretty standard among the USPS customers. Well, to short out things in a better way we have come up with a guide here.


The United Postal Service is in the business since long. With a reach in almost 220 countries across the globe, they are one of the best indeed. But a hindrance with their tracking system can come out anytime to disrupt all their reputation. Anyway, let’s get to the point straight, there are many reasons because of which you might have to face the USPS Tracking Status Not Available problem. Scroll through to know why this issue arises.

What Causes The USPS Tracking Status Not Available Issue?

Each time we send something through the United States Postal Services we get a unique tracking id. By utilizing the USPS Tracking Number we can track the status of our parcel without much of a stretch. But in some nasty situations, clients have to confront a few glitches with the tracking framework. Here is why you might have to face the USPS Tracking Status Not Available issue with your package.

The Carrier Has Not Scanned

The USPS Tracking System gets refreshed with the most recent data just when the delivery transporter scans your package. Henceforth, USPS Tracking Status Not Available blunder emerges at whatever point the transporter fails to scan the parcel because of many reasons.

Problem with USPS Tracking Website

There can be some temporary issue in the USPS Tracking Website. Your USPS Tracking Status Not Available issue can arise because of the downtime of the USPS website. Mainly in the festive seasons when there is a surge in the number of visitors at the same time, the site might face downtime which leads you into the error.

Climate Extremes

In specific circumstances because of terrible climate condition, the transition of the package stalls out. Because of which, you can’t see any changes in your USPS Tracking status.

The Barcode is Unscannable

Each package shipped through USPS gets a barcode attached with it. You can track your parcel just when the bearer scans the tag and updates the data on the USPS Tracking System. Due to poor handling of the package, or because of some other reasons standardized identification gets broken or unscannable. When this happens, the USPS officials couldn’t scan the package, so you don’t get any update.

The parcel isn’t being Scanned in the intermediary stops

The package gets scanned at each go-between stops during the transit time. If a specific intermediary halt skips the scanning of the parcel because of some any reasons the USPS can’t refresh their tracking framework with the most recent information about your package. And, finally, it drives you into the USPS Tracking Status Not Available error.

Dealy by the transporter

The delivery of the package gets delayed automatically if there are consecutive public holidays. The USPS officials often skip the scanning part to save some additional time and minimize the delay. When the USPS officials don’t scan the packages at the time of transition it’s common that there will not be any update on the tracking system and you will have to face the USPS Tracking Status Not Available issue.


USPS Tracking Status Not Available – What To Do?

usps tracking

When you get that the USPS Tracking Status Not available for your package firstly, check whether you have entered the correct USPS Tracking Number for your parcel or not. The USPS Tracking website will show you the status of your package only if you have put the right details.

To avoid any confusion with the USPS Tracking Number, you can check your email box for the confirmation email from USPS. Then copy the Tracking Number from there and paste it at the space given in the website.

After providing the right tracking id if you still face the same problem then leave the website for a few hours. There can be some temporary issue which is supposed to be fixed within some time.

Finally, if you are not able to see any changes, you must contact the USPS Customer Service. Make them aware of the issue you are facing. Share all the details about your package as in the USPS Tracking Numbers, Shipping date other important stuff. Ask them to help you in tracking your package.

Anyway, Folks! That’s all from our side. Try the fixes we have shared to resolve your USPS Tracking Not Available issue. If you need any other information about USPS Tracking, you can ask us here in the comment box below. We will be happy to help you.