6 Reasons Why USPS Tracking Status Not Available For Your Parcel

Confusions, perplexity, frustration, all the bizarre emotions may arise when you find ‘delivery status not updated,’ and that’s too after your parcel already being delayed for delivery. Yeah! Your frustration is entirely justified in this case. But let us tell you in advance, you are not alone in the boat. The USPS Tracking Status Not Available issue is pretty standard among the USPS customers. Well, to short out things in a better way we have come up with a guide here.


The United Postal Service is in the business since long. With a reach in almost 220 countries across the globe, they are one of the best indeed. But a hindrance with their tracking system can come out anytime to disrupt all their reputation. Anyway, let’s get to the point straight, there are many reasons because of which you might have to face the USPS Tracking Status Not Available problem. Scroll through to know why this issue arises.

What Causes The USPS Tracking Status Not Available Issue?

Each time we send something through the United States Postal Services we get a unique tracking id. By utilizing the USPS Tracking Number we can track the status of our parcel without much of a stretch. But in some nasty situations, clients have to confront a few glitches with the tracking framework. Here is why you might have to face the USPS Tracking Status Not Available issue with your package.

The Carrier Has Not Scanned

The USPS Tracking System gets refreshed with the most recent data just when the delivery transporter scans your package. Henceforth, USPS Tracking Status Not Available blunder emerges at whatever point the transporter fails to scan the parcel because of many reasons.

Problem with USPS Tracking Website

There can be some temporary issue in the USPS Tracking Website. Your USPS Tracking Status Not Available issue can arise because of the downtime of the USPS website. Mainly in the festive seasons when there is a surge in the number of visitors at the same time, the site might face downtime which leads you into the error.

Climate Extremes

In specific circumstances because of terrible climate condition, the transition of the package stalls out. Because of which, you can’t see any changes in your USPS Tracking status.

The Barcode is Unscannable

Each package shipped through USPS gets a barcode attached with it. You can track your parcel just when the bearer scans the tag and updates the data on the USPS Tracking System. Due to poor handling of the package, or because of some other reasons standardized identification gets broken or unscannable. When this happens, the USPS officials couldn’t scan the package, so you don’t get any update.

The parcel isn’t being Scanned in the intermediary stops

The package gets scanned at each go-between stops during the transit time. If a specific intermediary halt skips the scanning of the parcel because of some any reasons the USPS can’t refresh their tracking framework with the most recent information about your package. And, finally, it drives you into the USPS Tracking Status Not Available error.

Dealy by the transporter

The delivery of the package gets delayed automatically if there are consecutive public holidays. The USPS officials often skip the scanning part to save some additional time and minimize the delay. When the USPS officials don’t scan the packages at the time of transition it’s common that there will not be any update on the tracking system and you will have to face the USPS Tracking Status Not Available issue.


USPS Tracking Status Not Available – What To Do?

usps tracking

When you get that the USPS Tracking Status Not available for your package firstly, check whether you have entered the correct USPS Tracking Number for your parcel or not. The USPS Tracking website will show you the status of your package only if you have put the right details.

To avoid any confusion with the USPS Tracking Number, you can check your email box for the confirmation email from USPS. Then copy the Tracking Number from there and paste it at the space given in the website.

After providing the right tracking id if you still face the same problem then leave the website for a few hours. There can be some temporary issue which is supposed to be fixed within some time.

Finally, if you are not able to see any changes, you must contact the USPS Customer Service. Make them aware of the issue you are facing. Share all the details about your package as in the USPS Tracking Numbers, Shipping date other important stuff. Ask them to help you in tracking your package.

Anyway, Folks! That’s all from our side. Try the fixes we have shared to resolve your USPS Tracking Not Available issue. If you need any other information about USPS Tracking, you can ask us here in the comment box below. We will be happy to help you.

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