USPS Not Updating (Resolved)

The USPS postal service is getting updated day-by-day to serve the customers a better tracking experience. Even though USPS has added new features to its service, it is not impossible for the users to encounter the USPS Not Updating error. When you are unable to see the status of your item, you can quickly seek for customer care assistance. But before calling the customer care, let’s find out what can be the possible reasons for this not updating issue.

Reasons- USPS Not Updating

USPS tracking not working occurs due to many reasons. When you encounter this error, you can assume one of these reasons.

usps tracking status

  • Your Local Carrier Didn’t Scan the Barcode

You will only get all the information related to your package when the carrier decides to scan the barcode comes with the package. When the local carrier scans the barcode, you will get notifications of your package update. If there is an external error, your carrier is unable to scan the barcode and so you are unable to track your product.

  • Due to Bad Weather

Severe weather condition can be a problem that prevents the carrier from delivering the package. Due to a bad weather condition, your item can also get stuck at the intermediary stops and you cannot receive any latest information.

  • Package Not Scanned

While the transition of your package from one place to another, your carrier scans the barcode and those places called intermediary stops. If the carrier does not scan the barcode, you will not get the latest update status of your package. This happens because the tracker doesn’t have any latest information.

  • Delayed from the Carrier

If the carrier delays your delivery due to bad weather or any other external reason, you will have to face the USPS Not Updating error. If your local carrier is unable to send the status of your package, you will have to face the issue. There can be other official reasons such as public holidays which can lead to the error occurrence. Public holidays increases the number of packages. If there are any undelivered packages are waiting at the same time, the service will stop scanning the products to save time. Thus, this leads to the USPS Not Updating error.

usps status

These types of annoyances can disturb the users very easily. But we always suggest you enter the right tracking number for your package. If you enter a wrong USPS tracking number, you will not get the right information. Similarly, wait for 2-3 days for the package to arrive at the address. Then you can call 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777) to talk to one of the customer service agents of USPS to get assistance regarding the same.



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