Ship Your Package Through Right Shipping Company- USPS vs FedEx


Choosing the right shipping company to deliver the package in right shape to your customer is as important as maintaining the quality of your product. Since the right courier company matters for both your customer and you things often become confusing. Talking about the best USPS and FedEx are two name which comes in our mind. But when you have to choose one of them, it becomes more complicated. Anyway, to make things easier for you we are here with our competitive analysis USPS vs FedEx. Have a look it will be easier for you to choose the right one.

USPS vs FedEx

USPS is an agency run by the government of United States of America since the year 1775. The United States Postal Services is one of the most renowned name in the business. Starting from ground, priority, to express USPS offers a full range of cost-effective shipping options to its customers.USPS has flat-rate Priority and Express shipping boxes which can be an asset for you, if you are the small and medium business owner.

Usps status

On the other hand, FedEx is a public company. Operating in the industry from the year 1971 they have the reputation of impressing the customers by their delivery time. Along with that, Federal Express has a tracking system which is more convenient and easy to use. The service from FedEx is much costlier than USPS, but to compete with the flat-rate service of USPS they have One Rate service.

While shipping through USPS seems to be cost-effective for small parcels if you need to ship something heavier FedEx is the better option always.

Moving forward we are going to offer you a comparison table on USPS vs FedEx which will help you to decide the best shipping company for your business.

Best Shipping Company Comparison: USPS vs FedEx




Shipping Choices


2 Day

1 Week


2 Day

3 Day

4 Day

Best For

Mail & parcels up to 70-lbs

Parcels 3-lbs. to 150-lbs.


Best if we talk about overall value

Competitive on larger parcels

Service Options

Ground through express but not all the services are guaranteed

Ground through time-critical overnight, all guaranteed



Free with Priority Mail Express

Free for regularly scheduled pickups

Number of Drop Centers

Address for delivery

PO Box


Address for delivery or the Pickup centers


Free with Priority Mail and First Class deliveries



Up to $100 free for Express Priority if parcel values more then have to pay extra fee

Free for $99 or less, more for a fee

Commercial Discounts

Online & via shipping software

Volume based

Label Printing along with Software Integrations, UPS Software and other integrations

Customer Support

Via Phone and in-person

Phone, email and in person

Official Website


For the small businesses USPS is always a better option because of its economical price and overnight and insured delivery services. But if you need to ship a heavier package it will be better to choose FedEx over USPS.

USPS offers delivery all across the United States at the same postage charge. Using the priority flat rate boxes you can ship your package conveniently to any part of the U.S. However, the drawback of USPS is the tracking service comes with less details than FedEx. Not only that, all the postal services by USPS is not eligible for insurance.



Choosing the right shipping carrier to ship your package can make you feel like a roll of the dice. We have shared all the must-have details which will surely help you to arm yourself in choosing the ‘sweet spots’ of each company. If you require any further details on USPS or FedEx you must put your queries on the comment box below.

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